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How the spice blended

The sneak peak

Hello everyone, my name is Pallavi Floyd. I originate from India however I have called Australia home now for the better part of 10 years. I recently married my best friend and the most wonderful human named Chad who also happens to be Australian so I guess I’m stuck here now…. it could be a lot worse!

We live in cute little house in Melbourne not too far from the city, and we’ve spent the last 9 months turning our back yard, front veranda and small front yard into a garden full of herbs and vegetables, all the better to cook with! At the moment we have tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, eggplant, 3 different kinds of chilli’s, beans, basil, marjoram, dill, coriander, mint, oregano, lemongrass, curry leaves, bay leaves, lemons and last but not least, Watermelon growing. We also have a 1-year-old whippet name Frank, he brings a lot of joy and happiness to our lives and truly makes our house a home.

By training I’m a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and hold a PhD in Economics. I’ve been working in the corporate sector in Energy and Finance for the last 12 years. However my real passion is cooking. I started writing about my passions, my thoughts, and curious wonderings about our society. I founded Global Fusion with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind and heart. 

In this strange time of social distancing, economic uncertainty and societal upheaval, it feels to me like this is the human race’s opportunity to take stock of what is important and get back to basics. As some very funny person put it, it “Kind of feels like the Earth just sent us to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.”

The ethos behind this idea is to bring people together (virtually for now) to enjoy the simple things in life like spending time together, communicating openly, looking after those less fortunate than us and to pay it forward. Time to break bread not hearts. 

Global Fusion is about sharing, collaboration and community. Good food is food for the soul and making it together with the best of intentions is good for us, and we get to eat it!

This is a not for profit organisation dedicated to helping feed people in need. Any money donated to this venture goes towards helping to feed people in need with healthy, nutritious food. Furthermore, we encourage you to pay it forward with the new skills you learn and feed someone in need.

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