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Bangers and mash with Asparagus and caramalized onion


1. 4 large potatoes

2. 1 tablespoon Butter

3. 2 tablespoon Heavy cream

4. 2 large sausages (I have used fresh Chorizo from the local butcher)

5. 1 large onion

6. 1 Gravy Bag or any leftover gravy you have from roast

7. 1 teaspoon of Olive oil

8. 1 pinch of salt

9. 1 pinch of pepper (The husband like his food peppery so I usually add some more)

10. Couple of leaves of parsley

11. 6 Asparagus


1. Onion: finely sliced

2. Potatoes: Peeled and boiled till its soft in the centre

3. Asparagus: Cleaned and cut in halves


· Mashed Potatoes

Ø Mash the boiled potatoes while it is still hot and add butter until it has become a smooth paste

Ø Add the cream while continuously mashing

Ø Add salt and pepper. Keep it in a place where it is still warm

Ø Once the sausage is ready spread it over the serving plate

· Sausage and Asparagus

Ø Coil the sausage into a round, pierce at right angles with a skewer to hold it in place.

Ø Heat 2 tablespoon oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat and cook the sausage and Asparagus while continuously turning it until it brown on all sides.

Ø Asparagus will be ready in 3-4 minutes.

Ø Remove it and place it over the mashed potatoes

Ø Sausage will usually take about 10 – 12 minutes, depending on the kind of sausage you have chosen.

Ø Remove the sausage and place it over the mashed potatoes

· Fried onion

Ø Fry the onions with the dripping of the sausage in the same pan until it is caramelized and golden

· Gravy

Ø Heat the gravy according to the instruction on the bag


Place the mashed potatoes on the plate then arrange the asparagus, put the sausage on top and add caramelized onion. Put the gravy on top and then garnish with some parsley.

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