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Pears Poached in Spiced red Wine


1. 4 almost ripe pears

2. 1 Bottle of Shiraz Wine (750 ml)

3. 1 cinnamon stick

4. 1 star Anise

5. 1 orange peel

6. 3 Tablespoon caster sugar

7. ½ cup water

8. 2 table spoon cream cheese

9. 300 ml thickened cream


Poached Pear:

Ø Peel the pears and cut out the core at the base but leave the stalk intact.

Ø In a pot over medium heat put the wine with the sugar, spices, water, and zest and bring to the boil. Whisk until the sugar dissolves for about 5 minutes

Ø Place the pears in the wine mix and ensure it is completely submerged in it to get a uniform colour.

Ø Boil for about 40 minutes until the pears are cooked through.

Ø Remove the pear and cool it completely.

Ø Continue reducing the wine mixture for another 10 minutes and then stain and keep it aside until its completely cool.

Ø Place the sauce and pear in the fridge for at least an hour before serving.

Ø Don’t throw away the cinnamon you can use it to garnish

Ø Keep the sauce (Wine reduction) warm.

Cream base:

Ø With an electric beater whisk together the cream cheese, cream and 1 tablespoon of sugar until soft peak arrives.

Ø Place it in a bowl and leave it in the fridge.


Ø Place the cream on bottom

Ø Place the pears and the cinnamon on the cream

Ø Drizzle the win reduction over the pear. It will form a nice glaze on top.

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